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Shihan Murayama Kunio, 7th Dan

Saturday June 2, 2001
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Tominaga sensei helping Murayama sensei explain some points.      Seminar participants anxiously waiting to begin.

Murayama sensei demonstrating throat attack on Moledzki sensei.      Boy that smarts!

Moledzki sensei discussing the fine points.      Now I've got you where I want you, Acuzena!

That's it, Tanner. Now knock her backwards...      What do you mean, "He fell down by himself!"?!

Murayama shihan supervising the lessons.      Participants awaiting instruction from Murayama sensei.

Murayama sensei thanking participants for their support of the seminar.      Grateful appreciation from the participants.

Looking for the way to San Jose?      Murayama sensei & Moledzki sensei.


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