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Shihan Murayama Kunio, 7th Dan

Saturday June 2, 2001
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Steve Watanabe working with Ed Docherty.      Joe Blake working the shoulder bar on Christine.

Sensei Alex Waith receiving an armbar from his student.      Jason Forbes (glasses) working with James Hatch.

Yeah, Acuzena.  That'll do it alright!      Azucena working the armbar on Tanner.

Adam Malik applying shoulder bar on Saeed.      WOW!!!  That works really well!

Waith sensei applying a wrist lock on Riyad Ali.      Moledzki sensei executing arm bar on sensei Zinck while Julie Desilet looks on.

Murayama sensei executing seated application on sensei Uddin.      Murayama sensei executing leg takedowns on Adam Malik.


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