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Shihan Murayama Kunio, 7th Dan

Saturday June 2, 2001
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Do you want to see it again?      "Murayama sensei, Is this how it works?"  "It's supposed to go like this, Nasir."

Christine working on partner Joe.      Riyad Ali counter-punching Tominaga sensei.

Can I have the next dance?      Antonio Terra executing a takedown on Nasir.

Murayama sensei clarifying a point on Pronovost sensei.      Moledzki sensei anticipating the next painful technique.

Murayama sensei explaining the next application on Moledzki sensei.      Oh no!  Here comes the arm bar!

First you grab the arm; then you elbow him in the chest...      I didn't know I was that much taller than you, Sensei Murayama.


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