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Shihan Murayama Kunio, 7th Dan

Saturday June 2, 2001
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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See...  I only used one hand!      Sensei Moledzki, does this really hurt?

Alright, which one said "Show me again, please"?      Agh!  Here we go again... More pain!

I've think I've had this dance already thank you, Sensei!      Yup!  That's the spot alright!

But I don't want to dance, Tominaga sensei!      That's it, Tominaga sensei.  Next, the arm bar.

Nice move, Ed.  Can I do that in the next tournament?      Trust me.  It won't hurt a bit.  Honest!

Is that the spot, Adam?      Congratulations, Riyad Ali, on your gold medal performance.


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