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Summer Camp 2002

Lac Blanc, St-Ubalde, Québec, Canada

August 16-18, 2002

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Photographs courtesy of Arlene Viscount.

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"Then you take his wrist and flip him over, like this!"   Sensei Moledzki presenting a gold medal to a student on the 2nd day of Camp.   L-R: Aidan, Kalvin & Sebastian Drake from Toronto Honbu Dojo.

Students having fun applying different bunkai/oyo from kata.   Friday night training: Executing Heian Katas... in reverse!   Friday night Heian Sandan practice.   

Senseis Pronovost & Moledzki share a laugh during a break in training during the 3rd day of Camp.   Students applying kata bunkai/oyo.

"This arm bar makes the opponent walk on their toes in pain!"   Moledzki sensei demonstrates bunkai/oyo from Kata Heian Nidan.   Moledzki sensei demonstrates Kata Heian Shodan application.

Sensei Moledzki explains the rendering of the characters for "Shito" to the class.   "Moledzki sensei, I think the spider is this big!"


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